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The collection zone

The CollectionZone is a site addressed and dedicated to everybody, that is: to collectors, dealers or institutions, who loves Ephemera and Art and, likewise, to professionals, that deal with Antiques in general. The here exhibited collections are a result of a private collecting activity, started several decades ago and that is still in progress. The sources of provenience of these collected items are many different places located in several parts of Europe, North and South America and in The Caribbean.

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Certain items of the different collections are available on individual basis (i.e. the Cigar Box Labels, Gallery of contemporary Art), others items are available merely as a whole collection or category of them (i.e. Vintage Postcards and Illustrated Menus). The availability of the items is specified under About the Collections.
Please ask for availability, prices (where not expressly mentioned) and further procedure, after you log in, otherwise, just enjoy the show.

Cigar Box Labels

All Labels items are original and generally lithographies from the period of ca. 1885 to ca. 1925. They are all in a very fine or excellent to mint condition.

Cigar Box Labels

(per individual piece available)
These Labels are rests of factories, stocks and, having survived for some reason over the time, they have never been adhered on a cigar box.
Certain pieces are unique in this collection.

Specimen Sets

(per complete set available)
Complete Sets of Cigar Box Labels, as a specimen, with mostly original prices' indication, printed by different factories. Certain Sets are unique in this collection.

Proofs or Final Prints

(per individual piece available)
Before the common ordered Label went to the mass production, Proofs of them were printed individually and by hand, mostly on special luxury thick paper.
The final printed piece of the Proof generally shows on their bottom, and in form of a scale of colors, each and every color utilized during the lithographic printing process (see also Progressive Books).
Very rare.

Progressive Books

(per book available)
These bound booklets show the complete process of the lithographic print of a Label, starting mostly from the very first so called \"gelatin print\" to the Final color print (see also Proofs or Final Prints). Throughout the stone lithographic process, every individual color print of the Label, as well as their combination of the successive colors prints, until the very last Final Print, is contained in each book.
Some of those exemplars, additionally to the color prints Labels, also contain the corresponding prints in black ink of every step (unfinished Label) of the individual lithographic prints, which were done, as a quality control.
Considering that twelve or even more different colors were utilized to print a single Label, the complete Progressive Book may contain, depending on the Label, generally ca. 20 to ca. 40 pages.
The Progressive Books were retained by the printing factories for a certain time, as a technical specimen and also in case of eventual future reprint of the already ordered and delivered Labels.
Extreme rare.

Original Art Works

(per individual piece available)
At the very beginning of the Label creation stood always before an original idea, in the form of a concrete pictorial design. In a specific quite area of the printing factories, so far away as possible from the noising printing machines, a group of artists were concentrated in developing and creating new graphic ideas. Consequently, these Originals (in Labels size) were utilized as pattern for the Cigar Box Labels lithographic print and production. That means, in a further stage, the lithographer technician reproduced the original image corresponding on the lithographic stones, for lithographic print purpose.
These one of a kind Original Art Work pieces were executed by diverse techniques, like: water color, pen-and-ink, pencil drawing and occasionally also collage.
Exceptional rare.

Others related Specialties

    Printers and prices register

    (per book available)
    Over 40 lithographers, mostly German, are here registered and noting their pricing.This bound book, which is enumerated from page 4.001 to page 4.500 is a sort of copy right and pricing register, containing ca. 500 pages (very few of them are damaged or missing). Consequently, ca. 2.000 Cigar Box Labels are stuck on those pages. We show here, as an example of the exhibited subjects, some 90 pages of the book, chosen by chance. A very wide ethnographical spectrum and decorative field is here covered, this is a real great historical documentation of the time frame from ca. 1890 to 1925.
    J.C. Konig & Eberhardt of Hannover was the book binder (folio size).
    Unique piece.

    Cuban Printers' Factories

    Specimen Geo. S. Harris

    Representative folders Geb. Klingenberg

    Representative folder Geb. Weigang

    Representative folder Hermann Schött

    Very fine trimmed pieces

    Cigar Box Labels in process of printing

    Vintage Cigar Boxes

    Boxes' Lids

    Jumbo Cigars Rings

    Catalog of the Cigars Hong-Kong

    Rings & Labels Specimen booklet, Geb. Klingenberg

    Mexican & Cuban Rings booklet ca. 1900

    Collection Cuban Marquillas ca. 1865-1875

    Collection Cuban Marquillas Scraps Book (unbound)

Vintage Postcards

All items are original, in very good to excellent condition. The collection covers the frame time from ca. 1898 to 1935. Most of the postcards have circulated and they still wear the original postage stamps.
Many different techniques have been applied to reproduce those cards, i.e. original water color, lithographies, steel engravings, etching, pochoir, collages, real photographies (in black and white and hand colored), offset prints, etc.
Famous Editors and very notorious photographers, today disappeared, were involved around 1900 in this very expansive industry, like in France Nadar, Reutlinger, Mandel and the brooders Jean and George Agelou (see Refine French Nudes 1898-1929) or in Mexico, Hugo Brehme (see Mexico). Among others very famous artists, you may find here postcards illustrated by Braun, Hohenstein, Kirchener, Mauzan, Metlicovitz, Mucha, Reznicek, Sacchetti and Sager (see Illustrators)
Available per Country or Subject, as a whole collection.

Illustrated Menus

All items are original in very good to excellent condition. The collection covers the period from ca. 1850 to 1950 and, under subject Naval, to 1965. Basically, this collection has been subdivided by written and unwritten menus, as well as by various countries. French menus are the most represented in this collection. Many different techniques have been apply to reproduce these menus, i.e. lithography, engraving, etching, stencil, aquatint, mezzotint, offset, photography and original art work (water color, pen-and-ink, etc.).
Famous illustrators, as Antoine Calbet, Marcel Bloch, Fabiano, Albert Guillaume, Cheri Herouard, Luis Icart, Raphael Kirchener, Georges Villa, Adolphe Villette and Leon D'Ylen, among others artists, are represented in this collection.
The collection is complemented by further related items such as, Multipurpose Cards, Stencil (Pochoir) cards, Place cards and others.
Available per Subject as a whole collection.

Music Sheet Covers

All items are originals in very good to excellent condition.
The collection is displayed by countries, covering the period from ca. 1890 to 1940 and this is not arranged by a chronological sequence. Most of the illustrated covers are signed and, generally, the inside musical content, frequent for piano, is complete.
The focus has been put on the pictorial and subject appeal of the title pages. These were produced using mostly single and color lithography.
A good illustration of a popular star or song was perhaps the best means of selling a song sheet.
Famous artists of different countries were involved in this industry and they illustrated these covers. As an example, here are represented: Jean-Leonce Burret, Antonin –Marie Chatiniere ,Clerice Freres, George Dola, Gustave Donjean, Lucien Metivet, Rene Pean, Poubot, Raymond de Valerio, Jacques Vely, Manuel Vertes, Rene Vincent, ZIG , from France , and other s illustrators like: H.R Herd, Herzig, Ortmann, Paul Schneider, Telemann from Germany, among many others artists and countries.
You find here also prestigious editors and printing firms, as Vidal Llimona y Bocheta, Barcelona, Robert Meissner Musik-Verlag, Berlin, G. Ricordi & C., Milano, Jerome H. Remick, New York, Editions Francis Salabert, Paris, Wiener Boheme Verlag, Wien, E.J. Hohn Editeurs, Zurich, as well as many others editors.
In the here considered period, the musical palette of the different genres goes from the classical pieces (i.e. from Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini) and waltz (from Johann and Richard Strauss) to the most popular rhythms as: march and gallop and polka and mazurka, tango, one-step and fox-trot.
Available as a whole collection.

Theater & Concert Program Sheets

All items are originals in very good to excellent condition.
The cover sheets have been created, using generally lithography, by prestigious and talented illustrators, as: Vladimir Barjansky, Paul Colin, Jean-Gabriele Domergue, Faria, C. Gesmar, Grun, Albert Guillaume, Leon Heymann, Luis Icart, O.Kley, Misti, SEM, Vald’es, Georges Villa, ZIG, among others artists. These programs are bound as little booklets (very few are pamphlets) and their contents are complete.
The here considered epoch embrace the time from ca. 1900 to 1930.
The collection is arranged by countries, where France, specifically Paris, does represent here one of the focuses where famous establishments of entertainment were located, as: Alhambra, Atenee, Ba-Ta-Clan, Casino de Paris and de Montmatre, Folies Bergere, Gaite, La Cigale, Mayol, Mogador, Olympia, as well as the theaters: Apollo, de la Scala, du Moulin Blue, Femina, and Sarah Bernhardt.
While those programs primarily give full information about the performances as such and the artists involved (i.e. Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier) at the same time, they provide to the audience with an abundant quantity of publicity about luxury and elegant articles, often very amusing illustrated by well known artists, like Willette or Herouard.
Available as a whole collection.

Others Ephemera & Documents

All items are original in very good to excellent condition. This collection covers the period of ca. 1895 to 1935. Many different techniques have been applied to produce these items, like: lithography (embossed and stamped), engraving and offset, among others.
In this section we present a wide spectrum of Ephemera (luxus paper) and of what is also been defined as Publicity and Commercial Graphic Design. These printed matters advertise in different countries for practically all areas of the consumption and economy: i.e. food and beverage, cosmetic, culture, tourism, entertainment, sport and investment. Therefore, these form of visual communication is here represented as: labels, bonds, decal, ex-libris, Liebig cards , prospectus, victorian scraps , cookie swaps and wafer and much more.
Available per Subject.

Vintage Photographies

All items are original, in very good to excellent conditions.
The presented photographies date from the period of ca. 1880 to 1935.
Many different photographic techniques and materials have been applied to create these pieces.
The collection is subdivided by Countries and Subjects.
Very famous and artistic photographers, from all around the world, are included in this collection. Among many others, i.e. from France: Nadar, Reutlinger and Valery (Portraits), Jean Agelou and Henry Oltremare (Female Nudes) or from Mexico: Agustin Casasola, Hugo Brehme and Cruces y Campa.
In the following list, we mention some additional studios and photographers, which are represented here and that were pioneers in the development of the artistic photography, in those days and in different regions of the world: G. Caldwell, Nottingham, W.D. Downey, London (GB), Gehring, Chicago (USA), Platense, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Félix Castellote, E. Macedo, La Habana (Cuba), Arnold Overbeck , Munich, Erwin Haufstaengl, Frankfurt (Germany), Julius Hesz, Vienna (Austria), J.F. Langhans, Prague (Czech Republic), A. Meier von Tobel , Zurich (Switzerland).
Available per Country or Subject, as a whole collection.

Pin-ups & glamour Models

All items are original, in very good to excellent condition.
This collection of Pin-Ups and glamour Models covers the 70 years from the earlier 1900 to the middle of the 1970s. Whereby, the focus of this period of time is the Golden Age (about 1940 to 1960) of the American Pin-Up.
The presented items are put together in categories: posters, calendars, vending machine cards (Brown & Bigelow and others editors), blotters and absorbers, playing and trading cards, foldout pages (Esquire, Playboy and from others magazines) and photographs, original drawings and paintings, matches’ covers, decals, imagery in general and more.
You may here find, among others very famous USA illustrators: George Petty, Alberto Vargas, Gil Elvgreen, Rolf Amstrong, All Moore, Ernst Chiariaka, Billy De Voss, Milo Manara, Earl Meran, All Moore, Zoë Mozert, K.O. Munson, Earl Mac Pherson, Bill Randall, Fritz Willis, as well as Aslan (France), Boccassile (Italy), to mention some of the artists.
Out of the names’ list of the glamour models and stars in this collection, we mention some of those heroines: Marlene Dietrich, Dolores del Rio, Greta Garbo, Mae West (1930s), Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth (1940s), as well as, Bettie Page, Brigitte Bardot, Anita Ekberg, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Kim Novak and Marilyn Monroe (1950s-1960s).
Available per Subject, as a whole collection.

Cabinet old Prints & Graphics

Available per category, as a whole collection.

Gallery of contemporary Art

Per individual piece available.